Cost-Aware Business Process Management

XES Cost Extension

The cost extension defines a nested element to store information about the cost associated with activities within a log. The objective of this proposed extension is to provide semantics to cost aspects that can be associated with events in a log. The proposed definition associates four data elements with a particular cost element: the amount and the currency associated with the cost element as well as the cost driver that is responsible for incurring that cost and the cost type. As it is possible for more than one cost element to be associated with an event, the cost incurred per event is summarised using the "total" attribute. Cost information can be recorded at the trace level (for instance, to be able to say that it costs $20 when a case is started). Cost information can also be recorded at the event level (for instance, for certain event types such as complete or cancelled events) to capture the cost incurred in undertaking the activity by a resource.

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