failure in applying layout data

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failure in applying layout data

Postby javasox » Mon May 16, 2016 10:34 am


I just started using YAWL.

This is what I did:
1. made a workflow (just connected the tasks + adjusted the shape of the edges) and uploaded to the repository
2. opened a new blank editor and attempted to download the layout of the uploaded workflow

However, I was encountered with the following message

The specification loaded successfully, but the layout data is invalid.
A basic default layout will be applied

And a very ugly layout appeared.

I thought that I would never be able to share my layout with my friends but I guess if I pass them the .yawl file it will be just fine. Am I right?

It confuses me because in the manual it says:
The Engine requires that all specification layout information (i.e. element locations, colors, fonts, icons. etc.) be removed from a specification when it is uploaded ...

I'm guessing the download button is there to facilitate sharing layouts (cutting the need to manually pass the .yawl file) but since it is not being fixed maybe every one is OK with the workaround?
Also I did uninstall and install again but it did not work.

Does anyone know the reason?

I am using YAWL 4.1 (build 684) on Windows 7

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Re: failure in applying layout data

Postby michael » Thu May 19, 2016 11:24 pm

When a specification is saved to (a .yawl) file in the editor, the file contains the complete specification and association layout data.

When a specification is uploaded to the YAWL engine, the layout data is ignored by the engine (because it has no need or use for it). A specification can be uploaded to the engine in one of two ways: (1) via the 'Cases' page in a browser (in which case the layout data still exists in the .yawl file); and (2) directly from the editor itself. When it is uploaded via the editor, the editor will store a copy of the layout data in its own repository, so that when a specification is downloaded from the engine directly into the (same) editor, the repository-stored layout data is 'reattached' to the downloaded spec, and the spec is laid out correctly.

When you want to load a specification into another copy of the editor, you have two options to retain layout information: (1) open the .yawl file; or, if you really want to download the spec directly from the engine to the new copy of the editor, first copy the 'layout.xml' file from the original editor's 'repository' folder to the same location in the new editor. Obviously, it's easier to pass the .yawl file around.
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