Can't define rules for Task with only Output vars

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Can't define rules for Task with only Output vars

Postby wolandscat » Wed Jul 13, 2016 11:57 am

It appears that for a Task that has only output vars defined in its decomposition (mapped to net vars of the same names), I can't define a Work-item post-constraint violation, because the data context is not visible. Specifically, the 'Start_serve' Task in the making tea example WF generates 3 output vars: add_milk?, add_lemon?, milk_volume (we assume that the executing User, a tea-making robot asks the tea-drinking User for these values).

I want to define a rule of the form

IF add_milk = False and add_lemon = False THEN ( cancel add_milk AND cancel add_lemon)

I.e.. just go to the 'serve' Task.

Problem: no data context is visible in the Rule editor for start_serve Task, so I can't define anything at all.
Question: assuming I could define a Condition, how can I make the Action specification (Abort) apply to following Tasks, i.e. not the current one?

See attachment.


- thomas
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Re: Can't define rules for Task with only Output vars

Postby michael » Thu Sep 29, 2016 5:05 pm

This was fixed in a later build. Please update to the latest version via "Help->Check for Updates"

Please report any future bugs or issues to (for editor problems), or (for engine or services or control panel problems)
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