Class YEnabledTransitionSet

  extended by org.yawlfoundation.yawl.elements.YEnabledTransitionSet

public class YEnabledTransitionSet
extends Object

This class collects the set of all currently enabled transitions (ie. tasks) of a net. It is designed to provide a completely correct implementation of the YAWL deferred choice semantics. Enabled transitions are grouped by the id of the enabling place (condition). For each place: if there is one or more composite tasks enabled, one of the composite tasks is chosen (randomly if more than one) and all other tasks are not fired; otherwise, all the atomic tasks are enabled, allowing a choice to be made from the environment, and each atomic task is 'stamped' with an identifier that services may use to identify tasks that are part of the same group. This class is used exclusively by YNetRunner's continueIfPossible() and fireTasks() methods. Author: Michael Adams Date: 5/03/2008

Nested Class Summary
 class YEnabledTransitionSet.TaskGroup
          A group of YTasks plus an identifier
Constructor Summary
Method Summary
 void add(YTask task)
          Adds an enabled task to the relevant task group
 List<YEnabledTransitionSet.TaskGroup> getEnabledTaskGroups()
          Gets the final set(s) of enabled transitions (one for each enabling place)
 boolean isEmpty()
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Constructor Detail


public YEnabledTransitionSet()
Method Detail


public void add(YTask task)
Adds an enabled task to the relevant task group

task - the enabled task


public List<YEnabledTransitionSet.TaskGroup> getEnabledTaskGroups()
Gets the final set(s) of enabled transitions (one for each enabling place)

the list of groups


public boolean isEmpty()
true if there are no enabled transitions in this set

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