Package org.yawlfoundation.yawl.resourcing.datastore.orgdata

Class Summary
DataSource This abstract class is to be extended by all data source implementations to provide organisational data to the resourcing classes in a uniform and expected manner.
DataSourceFactory This factory class creates and instantiates instances of the various data source classes found in this package.
EmptyDataSource This class provides a default DataSource object to the ResourceManager in the event that there is no actual Datasource set and/or initialised.
HibernateImpl This class implements methods for Organisational Data CRUD.
jdbcImpl A vanilla JDBC implementation of the DataSource abstraction
LDAPSource Author: Michael Adams Creation Date: 5/03/2010 Last Date: 15/06/2010
ResourceDataSet Handles the loading, mapping and runtime management of resources from data source.

Enum Summary

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