Package org.yawlfoundation.yawl.resourcing

Class Summary
AbstractSelector The base class inherited by all of the 'selector' classes :- filters, constraints and allocators.
InterfaceClients Handles all of the interface connections and calls for the Resource Service to the Engine and other services as needed, besides those that go through InterfaceBWebsideController
QueueSet A repository of work queues belonging to a participant
ResourceAdministrator Provides resource administration capabilties to authorised participants
ResourceManager The ResourceManager singleton manages all aspects of the resource perspective, including the loading & maintenance of the org model, and overseeing the distribution of tasks to participants.
ResourceMap Manages all of the resourcing requirements and distribution strategies for one task.
TaskPrivileges Maps each of a set of User-Task Privileges to a set of Participants (if any) for one particular task.
WorkQueue Convenience class that encapsulates the various work queues for a Participant and/or Administrator - each instance representing a single queue

Enum Summary

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