Class LogPredicateParser

  extended by org.yawlfoundation.yawl.util.YPredicateParser
      extended by org.yawlfoundation.yawl.resourcing.util.LogPredicateParser

public class LogPredicateParser
extends YPredicateParser

Author: Michael Adams Creation Date: 1/03/2010

Constructor Summary
LogPredicateParser(Participant p, WorkItemRecord wir)
Method Summary
 String valueOf(String s)
          Evaluates an expression and returns the result.
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Constructor Detail


public LogPredicateParser(Participant p,
                          WorkItemRecord wir)
Method Detail


public String valueOf(String s)
Description copied from class: YPredicateParser
Evaluates an expression and returns the result. Subclasses should override this class to do their own expression evaluations before calling this version for any general expression evaluations.

valueOf in class YPredicateParser
s - the string representing the expression, of the form ${expression}
the result of the expression evaluation, or the unchanged string if the expression is unrecognised

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