Package org.yawlfoundation.yawl.resourcing.util

Class Summary
CodeletRunner Executes a codelet in a separate thread, and announces its completion when done.
DataSchemaBuilder Expands a data schema for a case start or a task to its base xsd types for use in the definition of a dynamic form.
DataSchemaCache Author: Michael Adams Creation Date: 5/04/2010
DataSchemaProcessor Builds a populated schema for the display of data on dynamic forms.
Docket A static "psuedo post-it note" class to store bits 'n' pieces used throughout the service
ExampleAdapter An small example of how one might use the resource client api Author: Michael Adams Date: Oct 26, 2007
GadgetFeeder Author: Michael Adams Creation Date: 27/08/2009
LogPredicateParser Author: Michael Adams Creation Date: 1/03/2010
PluginLoader Loads and instantiates classes that use the pluggable interface.
RandomOrgDataGenerator Author: Michael Adams Creation Date: 7/02/2008
TaggedStringList Provides the storage of multiple String values for a single (tag) attribute

Exception Summary

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