Package org.yawlfoundation.yawl.schema

Class Summary
ElementCreationInstruction /**
ElementReuseInstruction /**
ErrorHandler This class implements the SAX ErrorHandler interface allowing customised handling of all validation errors in an XML document.
Instruction /**
SchemaHandler This object acts a reusable Schema validator for a given schema.
UntypedElementInstruction Allows you to create a schema element that has the "xs:any" constraint.
XMLToolsForYAWL /**
XSDType Author: Michael Adams Creation Date: 14/09/2008
XSDUtil /**
YDataSchemaCache Author: Michael Adams Creation Date: 15/04/2009
YDataValidator This class serves as a validation mechanism for the specification specific schema and the instance data from either the net or a task.
YParamNameComparator Allows YParameters to be sorted on name for schema validation.

Enum Summary
YSchemaVersion An enumeration of schema versions, with associated methods

Exception Summary
YSchemaTupleFormatException /**

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