Class RdrConditionFunctions

  extended by

public class RdrConditionFunctions
extends Object

A class that will allow developers to define functions that can be called via conditional expressions in rules. To successfully add a function: 1. Add the function (method body) to the 'function definitions' section 2. Ensure the function (method) is declared 'private static' 3. Add the function's name added to the list of '_functionNames'. 4. Add a mapping for the function to the 'execute' method, following the examples 5. Ensure the function returns a String value. Once the function is added, it can be used in any rule's conditional expression Currently only a STUB with a couple of examples

Michael Adams v0.8 04-097/2006

Field Summary
static String[] _functionNames
Constructor Summary
Method Summary
static String execute(String name, Map<String,String> args)
          Executes the named function, using the supplied arguments
static boolean isRegisteredFunction(String name)
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Field Detail


public static final String[] _functionNames
Constructor Detail


public RdrConditionFunctions()
Method Detail


public static boolean isRegisteredFunction(String name)


public static String execute(String name,
                             Map<String,String> args)
Executes the named function, using the supplied arguments

name - the name of the function to execute
args - a map of String key-value pairs. Note that every map will contain a key called 'this' that has as its value an xml String of the workitem being evaluated
the function's result

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