Interface Summary

Class Summary
CaseMap The CaseMap class maintains a two way mapping between case ids and worklet names for worklet instances that have been launched by a particular checked out item or handler runner and are currently executing.
ConditionEvaluator ConditionEvaluator is a member class of the Worklet Dynamic Selection Service.
DBManager The DBManager class provides persistence support for the Worklet Service.
EventLogger An event log file implementation.
Library The support library class of static methods for the worklet service
RdrConditionFunctions A class that will allow developers to define functions that can be called via conditional expressions in rules.
RdrConversionTools This class contains some static methods that convert some objects to Strings and vice versa.
WorkletEvent The sole purpose of this class is to generate an event log record via Persistence.
WorkletEventListener An abstract class to be extend by classes that wish to be notified of worklet service events.
WorkletEventServer Announces worklet service events to registered listeners Author: Michael Adams Creation Date: 12/12/2012
WorkletGateway The WorkletGateway class acts as a gateway between the Worklet Selection Service and the external RDREditor.
WorkletGatewayClient An API to be used by clients that want to interact with the worklet service.
WorkletRecord The WorkletRecord class maintains a generic dataset for derived classes that manage a currently running worklet for a 'parent' process.

Enum Summary

Exception Summary
RdrConditionException RdrConditionException Class.

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