The Business Process Management (BPM) Group at Queensland University of Technology (QUT) is undertaking a project of "Applying BPM to the Creative Industries". As part of QUT's Centre of Excellence for Creative Industries and Innovation (CCi), the project has progressed through close collaboration between QUT's BPM Group and the Australia Film, Television and Radio School (AFTRS). It proposes to take the general principles, methods and tools of BPM into selected areas of the creative industries such as the screen business. The screen business comprises all creative and business related aspects and processes of film, television and new media content, from concept to production and finally distribution. A value chain model for the screen business has been developed, which consists of four phases: Preparation, Pre-production, Production, and Post-production. Processes in the film production phase can have complex control-flow and require sophisticated support for data handling. As part of the project, we apply YAWL to film production, namely YAWL4Film.

Project Description

YAWL4Film is developed over the general YAWL system to support the automation of film production processes. It consists of a YAWL model capturing the control-flow, data, and resource perspectives of a film production process. The model (see Figure 1) contains a loop structure, where each loop captures a daily shooting procedure and the number of executions of the loop capture the number of the shooting days carried out during a film production process.

Figure 1: A YAWL model of a film production process.

YAWL4Film extends the general YAWL system with customised user interface to support templates used in professional film making. JSP, XSLT, and related Web technologies are used to implement various user forms for a film production process, and these forms are then integrated into YAWL as its customised user interface for the process. A screenshot of "Sound Report", an example of a customised user form for daily shooting, is shown in Figure 2.

Figure 2: An example of a customised user form - Sound Report

Domain Application

  • Pilot project: AFTRS student productions in October 2007

For more information on how YAWL4Film is used to automate film production processes, please visit http://www.yawl4film.com/. The most recent set of tools to come out of this project can be found at http://www.genieworkbench.com/.