Object versioning compliance checking

Product Lifecycle Management (PLM) systems are widely used in the manufacturing industry. A core feature of such systems is providing support for versioning of product data. As workflow functionality is increasingly used in PLM systems the possibility emerges that versioning policies as encapsulated in process models are inconsistent with respect to their actual lifecycles.We define compliance of object versioning lifecycles with respect to process models and provide a solution to automatically checking whether compliance holds.

We developed a tool to enable version compliance checking of process models. Our main objective was to provide a versioning-annotated WorkflowNet viewer that possesses both capabilities for syntax checking and for behavioural compliance checking. This tool is integrated into ProM 6 as an analysis plug-in VWF-net analysis. There are five components to this tool namely, a versioning-annotated WF-net viewer, a syntactical compatibility checker, a WF-net transformer, a soundness checker and a behavioural compliance interpreter. Among these components, the WF-net transformer, the soundness checker and the behavioural compliance interpreter together constitute the behavioural compliance checker. The soundness checker is an existing ProM plug-in called Woflan that can be used to verify the soundness property of a WF-net.

VWF-net analysis plug-in

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Technical report