Latest YAWL Enterprise Builds

This page contains the latest stable Enterprise build of the YAWL engine and/or associated services that have been updated since the most recent general release (version 4.0 19 April 2016).

Note: Those builds marked with an asterisk (*) below require a database connection, and so must be correctly configured when replacing an existing build.


Installing a New Enterprise Build (war file)

  1. Stop YAWL.
  2. If the new build is marked with an asterisk (*) in the table, and you are not using the default PostgreSQL setup, remember to backup a copy of your file.
  3. From the webapps directory of tomcat, delete the war file you are replacing, and the entire directory of the same name.
  4. Copy in the new war file to the webapps directory.
  5. Only if you needed to backup your file in Step 2 above, unzip the war file in place (using 7Zip or similar), then copy your file to webapps/[name_of_service]/WEB-INF/classes/
  6. Restart YAWL.


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