YAWL Language Lexicon

The Input condition is where a process starts.
The Output condition is where a process ends.
The Atomic task represents a single task to be performed by a human or an external application.
The Condition represents a state for the process.
The AND-split activates all outgoing links from this task upon completion.
The AND-join activates this task when all incoming links have been activated.
The OR-split activates a number of outgoing links from this task upon completion.
The OR-join activities this task when one or more incoming links are activated and there is no possibility for other links to be activated if the task continues to wait.
The XOR-split activates one outgoing link from this task upon completion.
The XOR-join activates this task each time an incoming link has been activated.
The Composite task is a container for another YAWL process, and as such provides a decomposition mechanisms.
The Multiple Instance task allows multiple instances of a task to run concurrently. The minimum and maximum number of instances, the threshold for completion and whether new instances can be created on the fly or not can be specified for this task.
In a Cancellation Region, all elements within the dotted region are deactivated upon task activation. Workflow designers can thus specify cancellation of single tasks up to whole processes.