newYAWL is a reference language for process-aware information systems based on the workflow patterns. It integrates the control-flow, data and resource perspectives of business processes, and in doing so provides a significantly more comprehensive description of a process, its constituent components and its operational behaviour, than any other BPM language currently in existence.

newYAWL offers some key benefits when developing and deploying business processes:

  • Precise: it is based on formal foundations, having both a complete abstract syntax and operational semantics, which provide an unambiguous definition of a business process;
  • Suitable: the language components and functionality in newYAWL are grounded in the workflow patterns which constitute the most comprehensive definition of the core constituents of a business process currently available;
  • Executable: the newYAWL language allows a process to be specified in sufficient detail that it can be directly enacted without requiring further input from domain experts; and
  • Independent: the newYAWL language does not assume or rely on any specific conceptual or technological foundations.

Full details of the newYAWL language can be found here.

The formal semantics for newYAWL are captured using a CPN model which is available here.